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Criminal Cases

"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate." JFK

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Are you currently under investigation for what could be a criminal offense?  Maybe you don’t know and the police simply want to “talk” to you.  Do not try to handle this alone. I have handled very serious cases such as accusation of rape, abduction, possession of illegal pornography, robbery, and grand larceny,  where I was able to resolve the case at the investigation level so that not even a warrant was issued.

Every criminal case should be approached on its own merits. I work closely with my clients to determine their goals and concerns. By working together, I give my clients their best chance at a successful result. I have the trial skills and dedication to help you navigate the criminal justice system.

My philosophy is to approach each case as though it will go to trial. While research has shown that 95% of criminal cases, in fact, do settle, early trial preparation tends to lead to better results.  Whether at the plea negotiation phase or in court, preparation sends a message that the outcome of the case will be guided by sound legal considerations, not by the fear of trial.

There are so many different types of criminal offenses and each one requires that you and I discuss the facts and see what does the charge mean in your case. To list all the criminal offenses in the Virginia code is simply not possible.  Further, the only crime that really matters to you is what YOU are charged with.  


I have experience with a variety of cases in various jurisdictions in the Commonwealth of Virginia including but not limited to:

  • Criminal Investigations 

  • Expungement Matters 

  • Felony Defense 

    • Violent offenses​

    • Sexual cases

    • Drug cases

    • Theft cases

    • Gang cases

  • Forfeiture Matters 

  • Juvenile Defense 

  • Misdemeanor Defense 

  • Probation Violations 

  • Protective Order Matters 

When I began my practice I handled most types of immigration cases.  My experience in immigration law gives me a unique view when dealing with my criminal cases because I see both sides of the problem.  I consider the criminal AND immigration consequences for those who are not U.S. citizens.  If you are not a U.S. citizen certain convictions could result in delay in citizenship, loss of status, permanent ban of citizenship, and in some cases deportation.



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