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Civil Cases

As a business owner of over 25 years I understand the importance of your business to you. I work hard to understand my client's business, adapt to different situations, and provide my clients with individualized legal solutions. We will work together to resolve your needs in the most timely and cost-efficient manner possible. Some areas of civil law that I provide representation include:

  • Business Formation

  • Partnership agreements and other internal agreements

  • On going legal support through phone, email, etc.

  • Serving as company counsel

  • Commercial lease

  • Changes to partnerships / membership/ investors

  • Independent contractor agreement

  • Non Disclosure agreements

  • Vendor Agreements

  • Transfer of business

  • Licensing

  • Contracts

  • Administrative hearings

  • Employment disputes

Family General Counsel

Most people have a general practitioner doctor who is their primary care physician.  It should be true for your legal needs as well.  Day to day many run into legal questions.  They either have to try to figure it out themselves or they seek the attention of a professional.  I have several families who I act as their family attorney.  Issues that can be solved in-house we will deal with together.  Issues that needs the attention of a specialist, then I refer them to the attorneys who are focused primarily on the issue at hand while having that attorney report to me so that I can monitor and explain all to the family.  This ensures that the family is being taken care of without being over charged and more importantly the family has me to ensure the legal mambo jumbo presented to them is simplified and analyzed so that they can make the best informed decision. 


For example, I dealt with a couple who wished to set up their wills and trust to ensure their child is taken care of well after their time.  I presented several referrals to them. They interviewed the prospect lawyers.  We discussed and they chose one.  Then I coordinated between the accountant, business partners, wills and trust lawyers, financial advisors, and mental health doctors to come up with the best options.

I deal with another client who is a public figure and needed his in-house lawyer to deal with an incident in most discrete manner to a) make sure his rights are protected b) hire the right legal team c) keep the matter out of news and media

I have multiple millionaire and few billionaire clients who reside mainly out of U.S. but have various family and business matters that needs attention.  I act as their personal attorney and hire specialists who handle various issues depending on the need at the time. 


I dealt with a family who was dealing with a personal injury issue.  They had a settlement offer but they kept thinking that their personal injury lawyer was not doing a good job.  I reviewed all the evidence, discussed the matter with the personal injury attorney, consulted with a insurance investigator and was able to make the options more clear for the client so that they can make a more informed decision.  

I have even sat in the capacity of the "family spokes person" in a high profile case dealing with murder case of a young child.  

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