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Mayor Marion Barry's son charged in bank case

DUI/DWI, Speeding, Reckless Driving, Driving on Suspended, Restoration of driving rights, And other traffic related charges.

Boy has life long injury after Assault

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Men’s room tussle leads to shutdown of popular D.C. nightclub

Nightclub Sues City and Chief of police, Lanier, Over Shutdown


Police arrested a man accused of grabbing and kissing a girl as she was out with friends in Loudoun County on Halloween. Charges dropped

Local prosecutors have dropped charges against D.C. nightclub owner Marc Barnes as he was preparing for his next hearing in D.C. Superior Court on Monday.

Bill Miller, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office, declined to comment on the case’s dismissal. Mr. Barnes’ attorney, Makan Shirafkan, stated that he is glad that “the prosecutors saw the case for what it really was which was all frivolous”.  


D.C. rapper Fat Trel arrested, again, on DWI, narcotics distribution, and other charges

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MORE TO COME.... and we realize that although these cases made the public media and news, every case is important and is newsworthy to the individual, family, and friends of those involved in the case. 

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